Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Holy Wednesday

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The holy Wednesday is the only parade that only goes through old town Palma. The procesion starts and finishes in the same place, the church of Santa Cruz. The procesion goes throught the neibourhood of the fisherman. Also, is interesting to see that the military branch of La Legion participates in the procesion
Way, Starting time: 20.30
  • Carrer Forn de la Olivera
  • Carrer Barques de Bou
  • Carrer Polvora
  • Plaza de Santa Catalina
  • Carrer de Santa Creu
  • Carrer Sant Llorens
  • Carrer Sant Pere
  • Plaza de la Drassana
  • Carrer Llotja del Mar
  • Carrer Sant Joan
  • Carrer Montenegro
  • Carrer Sant Feliu
  • Carrer Costa de Can Salas
  • Carrer Costa de Santa Creu
  • Carrer Forn de la Olivera

Cruzada del amor divino en San Felio Street

Cruzada del amor divino en San Felio Street and monaguillos

Virgin Mary in the streets of Palma

Cofradia de Montesion

Cofradia de la Dolorosa

La Legion

La Legion II

Entrada en Santa Cruz

Crucifixion entering Santa Cruz

Mary entering Santa Cruz


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