Thursday, April 23, 2009


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After Easter today is quite cold. We are in spring, but it is a typical winter day. Today in the highest mountain of the island snowed, a wonderful winter picture.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Diumenge del Angel

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The next sunday after easter is called Angel Sunday. This day, in Palma is celebrated in Bellver Castle. People eat panades.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter !

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After Christmas, the second most important day of the year is Easter. In Easter there is four types of sweets.


Easter eggs

Monas de Pascua


Friday, April 10, 2009

Holy Friday

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Holy Friday is the second most important parade of Easter. It comes out from Sant Francesc and arrives to the church of el Socorrs. In el Socorrs they do the burial of christ witch is very spectacular

Holy Friday Preparation

Way, Starting Time: 19.30
Plaza de Sant Francesc
Convent de Sant Francesc
Plaza de Santa Eulalia
Carrer Cadena
Plaza de Cort
Carrer Colom
Plaza del Marques de Palmer
Plaza Mayor
Carrer de Sant Miguel
Carrer Josep Tous i Ferrer (BEST PLACE TO SEE IT)
Plaza del Comptat del Rossello
Carrer Josep Anselm Clave
Plaza Alexandre Jaume
Porta de Sant Antoni
Carrer dels Socorrs

Holy Burial

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Holy Thursday

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The Holy Thursday is the most interesting procesion for the inhabitants of Palma. Goes out the famous Christ of La Sang the first procesion of Holy Thursday was in the year of 1500 so is the oldest. This year rained and it came out on Friday
Way, Starting Time: 19.00
  • Plaza del Hospital
  • Costa de la Sang
  • Carrer dels Oms
  • Carrer de Sant Miquel
  • Plaza Major
  • Plaza del Marques de Palmer
  • Carrer Colom
  • Plaza de Cort
  • Carrer Palau Reial
  • Carrer Victoria
  • Carrer Conquistador (BEST PLACE TO SEE IT)
  • Plaza de la Reina
  • Passeig del Born
  • Plaza Joan Carles I
  • Carrer Bonaire
  • Carrer Bisbe Campins
  • Via Roma
  • Costa de la Sang
  • Plaza del Hospital

Christ Representation in San Juan de Malta

Virgen de la Esperanza

Penitents preparing for the procesion

This pictures are of Pollensa, a small town in Mallorca, where the holy week is very important too

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Holy Wednesday

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The holy Wednesday is the only parade that only goes through old town Palma. The procesion starts and finishes in the same place, the church of Santa Cruz. The procesion goes throught the neibourhood of the fisherman. Also, is interesting to see that the military branch of La Legion participates in the procesion
Way, Starting time: 20.30
  • Carrer Forn de la Olivera
  • Carrer Barques de Bou
  • Carrer Polvora
  • Plaza de Santa Catalina
  • Carrer de Santa Creu
  • Carrer Sant Llorens
  • Carrer Sant Pere
  • Plaza de la Drassana
  • Carrer Llotja del Mar
  • Carrer Sant Joan
  • Carrer Montenegro
  • Carrer Sant Feliu
  • Carrer Costa de Can Salas
  • Carrer Costa de Santa Creu
  • Carrer Forn de la Olivera

Cruzada del amor divino en San Felio Street

Cruzada del amor divino en San Felio Street and monaguillos

Virgin Mary in the streets of Palma

Cofradia de Montesion

Cofradia de la Dolorosa

La Legion

La Legion II

Entrada en Santa Cruz

Crucifixion entering Santa Cruz

Mary entering Santa Cruz

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Holy Tuesday

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Holy Tuesday the procesion starts in San Nicolas Church and finishes in la Sang. Two important things in this procession are that they play the national spanish anthem before the Cofradia de Santiago comes out and at the end of the procesion that the image of La Dolorosa comes in La Sang

Way, Starting Time: 20.45

  • Carrer Sant Nicolau
    Plaza Chopin
    Carrer Tous i Maroto
    Carrer Constitucio
    Carrer Soledat
    Plaza de la Reina
    Passeig des Born
    Plaza de Joan Carles I
    Avinguda de Jaume III
    Carrer Bonaire
    Carrer Bisbe Campins
    Via Roma
    Carrer Costa de La Sang
    Plaza del Hospital
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