Monday, April 6, 2009

Holy Monday

Monday, April 6, 2009

This year the procesion of Holy Monday has three procesions. The one of every year, comes out from Santa Clara, the second one that comes out from the Cloister of Sant Francesc, and the third one, that comes out from the church of San Juan de Malta.

The church of Santa Clara, is in the convent of Santa Clara, and it is a medieval convent. The nuns never leave the convent it is called Clausura.

Procesion of Santa Clara, Starting time: 21.00
Carrer Fonollar
Carrer Santa Clara
Carrer Call
Plaza Santa Eulalia
Carrer Convent de Sant Francesc
Carrer Ramon Llull
Plaza Pes de Sa Palla
Carrer Pelleteria
Carrer Montision

Procesion of Sant Francesc, Starting time: 20.00

Plaza de Sant Francesc
Carrer Convent de Sant Francesc
Plaza de Santa Eulalia
Carrer Cadena
Plaza de Cort
Carrer Colom
Carrer Bosseria
Carrer Galera
Carrer Cordeleria
Plaza de La Cuartera
Plaza del Mercadal
Travessa de en Ballester
Carrer del Socors
Plaza des Pes de sa Palla
Carrer Ramon Llull
Plaza de Sant Francesc

Procesion Crist dels Boters, Starting time: 21.00

Carrer Sant Joan
Carrer Montenegro
Carrer Sant Feliu
Carrer Can Sales
Carrer Santa Creu
Carrer Sant Llorens
Carrer Sant Pere
Plaza de sa Drassana
Carrer Consolat
Passeig Sagrera
Passeig de la Mar
Carrer Boteria
Carrer Sant Joan


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